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Aug 16, 2011

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT…. when we realized that we had really been married for 5 whole years. Time flew by. I was such a baby when we got married, we both were. And now here we are – basically veterans (haha). 5 years ago (as of July 29th) I made the best decision I have ever made in my entire life… to marry my love, my best friend, my Casey Hurt. We had THE most epic dance party out at Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall Oregon. We wedded, we ate, we drank, we had goldfish in giant wine glasses at the food table, we danced the night away. In fact, the party went so hard that after we were instructed that it was time to get the what out of there (around 10:30), people didnt stop dancing until the venue finally shut the lights off on them a few hours later. Like, lights-off-stop-dancing-we-want-to-go-home-you-crazy-wedding-guests. Yes, it rocked that hard.

So shortly after that night, after friends relived their stories and we laughed at peoples wine induced antics and new dance moves, it was decided that we MUST do it again… in 5 years.
This spring, we realized that 5 years had come, and once we shook on the fact that yes, we really did want to do this, we made big plans. These plans included official mail invitations (which taught me that no one RSVPs anymore, and the USPS sucks sometimes), a beer brewing competition (since so many of our friends are homebrewers… maybe my favorite part), so much Charles Shaw (we classy), a KILLER photobooth (I’ll post my faves on here soon), more goldfish, games, fire pit, me in my wedding dress (!!!), ginormous sound system, stage, live music, Cloud Davidson as the DJ (YES!), and soooo much dancing – like dancing until I HAD to change out of my wedding dress because I was sweating so much. Ask me how I planned this in the height of my busiest wedding season yet? Ugh, lots of pulling my hair, and glossy eyed zombie looks when I thought about completing one more thing. That, and my husband is a SAINT. And it was all worth it.

On top of all of that, we had moved away from the beautiful pacific northwest and on to southern California, where an amazing new group of friends had made there lasting imprint on our lives. We decided that it was time for the worlds to merge. So 20 of our closest friends from Los Angeles road tripped up to Corvallis Oregon, camped out in the back yard of my childhood home in the country and celebrated along side the more seasoned friends in our lives. It was glorious. Casey and I spoke our vows to each other again in the presence of those that we love, and then AGAIN, we danced the night away – only this time we got to stay until the sheriff came and told us to turn off the music.

Here are a FEW of my memories from the night… and the pictures that I am actually in, my amazing father took those, we tag teamed 🙂

This last weekend I got the privileged of hanging out with a bunch of crazy awesome theatre peeps while I ran a Photo Booth for their fund raiser party. The gracious “Prom Committee” at the Elephant Theatre asked me out to do a funky spin on prom pictures to match their Prom Re-Do: Decade Death Match theme. It was so fun, they were so awesome and if you are LA local check out their upcoming show 100 Saints You Should Know.

If you are interested in having a photo booth at your wedding or event just head over to the contact page above and send me a little note!

Here are some highlights from the night….

This is just a silly post…. I just had to share with you readers my excitement of finding buttons in my mailbox today! I’ve never ordered buttons for a client before, never really needed to with portraits and weddings. But this weekend I shot the soccer team photos for the Santiam Christian High School guys soccer team. I was surprised how much I enjoyed photographing a sports team! All the guys were really fun and had tons of energy before their team breakfast and game, and it went really smoothly.

So.. sports teams must have buttons right? Duh! I ordered the buttons right away so eager parents could have them for as many soccer games as possible, and they just arrived today! They are so fun, it makes me want to a.) wear one even though I’m clearly not a soccer parent, and b.) figure out other ways to incorporate button orders…. haha, wedding buttons anyone?? 🙂

sports team photography bottons

If you are a SCS parent and are looking to view the images from the shoot, you can find the boy’s gallery under the “Client Proofing” link at the top of the page or by clicking HERE

If you are a coach, or parent helper looking to book a photographer for your team, please don’t hesitate to contact me to set something up.