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So I posted on Saturday that I was going to try to post everyday to catch up on all that’s been going on. I also mentioned that I would be posting on how my vacation was and how awesome rest is. And then I didn’t post yesterday! But I figure since Sunday is the day of rest, then I’m excused from not blogging… in the spirit of what I was planning on writing about. See what I did there? Anyway…

My In-Laws just happen to be some of my favorite people in this world, I think I’m pretty lucky that way. They also happen to live on the paradise-esque island of Maui and go out of their way each year to make sure we visit them (pull my leg right?). We usually go in the fall but because of my busy wedding season and Casey’s work with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival extending through the fall, we got to spend our first winter in Hawaii. Let me tell you… winter on Maui is magical! Not only are you taking a break from cold weather somewhere else, but it also happens to be whale season. The highlight of our trip (besides simply spending much needed time with family) was a sunrise whale watching trip my father in law treated us to. We had to get up at 5am to get out there but it was all SO worth it. There were whales EVERYWHERE. In fact our guide (who follows them between Alaska and Maui every season) said it was one of the top 5 best trips shes ever been on. It made me remember how amazing the natural world we live in is! I didn’t bring my camera to Maui (this was a major vacation move) but below are some shots my brother in law got.

I mentioned I didn’t take my camera with me on this trip. I did this mainly because I realized that it is really valuable to give your craft space to breath. As a creative professional, what is a fun hobby for some is my in-and-out daily life. And even though photography is something I LOVE, it has a tendency to get stale and old after a while if I’m not careful. I was feeling this as my 2010 busy season was coming to an end, like I was loosing my vibrancy and childlike excitement and curiosity for my craft. So I went to one of the world’s most visually beautiful places without my camera! This did two things, it forced me to rest (and leave work at home in a sense) AND it made me SO excited to get home and start taking pictures again. I’m so thankful for both of those things. I can’t explain how important rest is! One of my best and wisest friends always told me that when everything is super hectic and stressful, it’s important to take a little time each day and do something for yourself, something that makes you rest and recharges you. Without that you’ll just run on empty (eventually run out) and the gift that you are giving back to the world always suffers because of it. Thank you Shirley 🙂 Anyway I got some much needed deep rest, realized that there are some things in my life I can cut back on (ahem, daily/hourly facebook checking) so work time can be shorted yet more efficient and rest time can actually be a regular attainable thing.

I felt like this is especially important for self employed creative types, but I think it’s really relevant to everyone these days… well at least the bit about facebook 🙂

ps – I think the line in The Social Network nailed it when one of the first girl users termed it as crazy addictive!

pps – a note to all brides or actors (or really anyone thinking about having nice skin) I tried Trader Joes Lavender Sea Salt scrub on my face today and was BLOWN AWAY at how amazing it is! Like so much so that I’ve been telling almost every girl I talk to today… So far I’ve deducted that mostly girls read this blog, so I’m mentioning it here too. If you are a guy reading this, than I apologize for this totally girly moment, but to my defense, my Casey tried it too and thought it was awesome… so there.

Also because posts are always more interesting with more pictures… Here is a silly picture from KC and Marissa’s summer wedding at Lake of the Woods, near Ashland Oregon 🙂

Jan 29, 2011

…that I have slacked on blogging this month. In fact I cant even believe that January is almost over and I have not blogged about the exciting headshots, weddings, and engagements I’ve been booking! Not to mentions all the wacky personal things rolling around in my head. Not to boast, but I’m super excited for this spring and summer photography. But still, I’ve been a bad blogger… scold worthy actually. Silly me because I’VE GOT SO MUCH TO SHARE! You know when you’ve been putting something big off and off and off and you start to feel bad about it and it makes it even harder to do? No? Oh well… I do that a lot. But now that I sit down, open up the blog and start writing, I’m getting antsy cause I just don’t know where to start!

So I’ve decided to take it in stride. I know if I tell you everything right now I will end up just vomiting words all over you, and no one likes being vomited on (believe me, this thing I know). So I think I’ve got enough ammunition at this very moment for a blog post like every day for the next two weeks! Can I do it, you ask? Well only if you dare me. See then I will think of it as a game and thus implement The FUN THEORY (if you haven’t seen this, you should. I love the piano stairs!).

But today I thought I’d start easy on you and introduce the newest addition to the Hurt family. Sir Charles Brown Norris Jr. -OR- Charlie (or muffin, muffin top, monkey, sir charles, dingdong, chuck, chuck norris, charlie bear, and the list goes on).

We have been waiting patiently for a year for our apartment manager to give us the OK to get a dog and once the OK came, so did the perfect little puppy. Casey and I were eating dinner out one night when a friend called to let us know that a puppy had just been found downtown and was at the clothing store she worked at, needing a forever home. This little guy was so tiny and scared and only wanted to snuggle in as tightly as he could to your neck. He was the most amazing and sad little angle Casey had ever laid eyes on (he says he “knew” immediately that that was our pup). So we took him home and he wouldn’t move for the first 2 days until we got him a miniature tennis ball and started throwing it around him and he came alive. He’s pretty much the coolest, most perfect dog in the world, but I’m pretty sure I would think that even if he was the stinky kid in class… but seriously he is perfect, many can attest to it.

As best we know, he has Chihuahua, Spaniel, and Jack Russell in him and he’s probably about 5 1/2 months old. And he wont get much bigger than 15 lbs, so he’s a little guy.

Today was actually a big day in Charlies life. When I took him out in the morning he lifted his left for the first time! Sorry if that is too much information, internet, but it’s the little things right? So Casey decided that since he is becomming a man, he was allowed to go on our morning hike with us (oh yeah, we’ve been hiking almost every morning since getting back from Hawaii). While on the trail up one of the steepest ridge in Griffith Park, we ran across our first rattlesnake, shaking it’s tail at us! Not Joking. The 6 of us made it out unscathed but needless to say, it sure was exciting. So in one day, Charlie learned how to pee like a man, went on his first hike, AND met a rattlesnake…. Wahoo!

K, that’s all for today. Join us tomorrow for my thoughts on how amazing vacation is and how necessary it is to rest!

*Also I have to give a shout out to my hiking buddies/morning coffee chatters (chris, mimi, stevens and casey) for hearing my frustrations about talking to a computer screen (my blog world doesn’t talk back very often, not gonna lie) and encouraging me to jump back on the horse. So, my internet and photography friends, if you’re reading and enjoying, feel free to leave a comment and let me know you are out there! I promise I’ll talk back 🙂

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I’m on vacation! Sweet, relaxing, beautiful vacation. This past summer was my busiest wedding season yet, and next summer is already filling up with super fun Oregon and California weddings. I’m realizing fast the importance of taking time to get away, refocus, and charge up for what is to come. I haven’t been intentionally ignoring the blog (I even miss my regular posting!) but as the holiday’s blew through this month and vacation set in I’ve found it important to “plug out” for a bit. Talking time away from the instant-gratification-social-media world we live in is helping me focus on long term goals, including how I can give you all more! More quality, more memories, more passion for creating beautiful and thought provoking images.

I spent New Years Eve sitting on the beach in Maui with my amazing family, watching fireworks, telling stories, and sharing goals. My goal for 2011 is to become a better photographer every single day. I’m totally committed and excited to see what this next year holds, but in the mean time, cheers to rest and rejuvenation. I’ll be on the beach until the 13th of January (and I DIDN’T bring my camera, in case you were wondering, hehe) so apologies if you’re emails are left unanswered a little longer than I would like 🙂 On the 14th I will be back to business as usual, and I’m all yours again.