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We met up for coffee before our shoot to talk about locations and stuff, but we ended up mostly talking about loooooove (possibly my favorite subject…). I was tickled (yes I just said tickled) to find out that these two are highschool sweethearts. They’ve been together for quite a while now (Jim just finished his Masters, and Cristy’s finishing her PhD) and decided it was about time to plan the official celebration. Except these two are laid back lovebirds, they just took the first step by taking their engagement pictures :) I love it. We took kind of a walking tour around Corvallis since they love the outdoors and were both stuck in offices all day. We had tons of fun and lots of laughter, and they weather was puuuurfect. What more could we ask for?

-Corvallis Oregon Engagement Photography-
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Every once in a while, not very often mind you, I get to actually go to a wedding as a guest. It is SUCH a treat for me. I love weddings sooo much, mainly because I love to celebrate love. A couple of weeks ago while I was up in Oregon (shooting weddings), I got the treat of celebrating our friends (Jesse and Jenessa) tie the knot. Casey flew in from LA a couple days before, I picked him up at the airport, he played a show with Jesse in Portland (2 days before his wedding, amazing) and we headed down to the party. And party it was! It was such an awesome night of dancing and laughing and toasting to a beautiful life together. I was really blown away at how Jesse and Jenessa perfectly personalized the evening. From the whimsical flowers and hand build structures, to the live band stage where they’re friends band’s took turns playing all night long. It was truly a magical evening…. I want to go back ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the awesome details they put together to make the evening theirs…. cause did I mention I just loooved them? enjoy!

Soo, by the time this posts (yes, I thought ahead yesterday and scheduled it!) I will be driving hard north on I5 with 2 crazy guys, on our way up to Oregon. We’ll probably be listening to a book on tape or some good ole’ classic rock and pretty close to crossing over the Oregon border. So when this pops up, feel free to do a little dance for us to root us on.. Hip Hip Hooray! Go Road Trips!

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I have been so excited to share this with you all since Sheena and I first shot together last month. She is not only drop dead gorgeous, but maintains a radiant inner beauty with her kindness and patient smile. She picked her 3 favorites for retouching last week, so I am proud to introduce her final shots. Go get ‘em Sheena ;)


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